hints and misses

another week of treading water, and nothing much to say. i am finding it hard to be social at the moment, its coming up to a year since i moved here and i am finding myself on a bit of an emotional roller coaster, too many thoughts and feelings about what it all means. i am glad its raining, and i can snuggle up on the lounge with knitting and dvds. there is a storm on its way too, so i have a reason to hide inside today!

yesterday’s catch up for lunch and stitch n bitch with knitabulous and randomknits did help restore some equanimity although i am shocked to admit that i think i am probably a bit low from lack of exercise as well. walking dogs with one arm in a sling can be challenging, and i have not felt like i could go back to the gym until the last couple of days. i am a bit peeved about this, because i was doing pretty well on my weights program, but it will be a long time yet before i can lift anything heavier than my hand bag! but i do feel ready to get back on the treadmill, and i am seeing a pysiotherapist this week to see what we can do about getting some movement and strength back. i always forget how good exercise feels until i start doing it!

so todays post is just really about hints of things to come. i decided on garter stitch for the band and collar of the featherweight, mostly because my arm started aching just thinking about all that back and forth of rib or moss stitch. i went down to 3.5mm needles so that it wouldnt be bulky, and i think its worked well:

i cast off the front band yesterday and have started on the first sleeve. i tried it on and i couldnt be happier, my modifications seem to have worked a treat, but no more on this now until its finished. and i have been hinting for a while about some big plans i have for a major knitting undertaking, yesterday donna lent me a few things to help with the final bits of research:

and i should be ready to blog the full details in a couple of days. i hope it will be worth the wait!

k xx


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7 responses to “hints and misses

  • Rose Red

    I’ll have to take your word for it on the exercise front…(although I’m sure you are right!!) (a few more weeks and I’ll try to start doing a bit more too). Hope the physio works out for you and your knitting arms!!

    Am very much looking forward to your lace project! And another F/Weight FO!

  • jp

    The Cardigan is looking great can’t wait to see it in person.

    Hang in there you need to give yourself time to recover from the injury and get back to where you were (alas not as quick as it once was!)

  • bellsknits

    i’m so glad you went with garter stitch. I think it’s going to look fab!

    And the promise a big lace undertaking is thrilling! All this down time, while hard on you emotionally, is good for you creatively I think!

  • Leonie

    The addition of a bit more exercise would probably help to modify the doldrums. It’s amazing what flushing the blood through your body at high speed can do quite apart from the endorphins!! Glad to hear the arm is on the mend, the physio will probably hurt but it’s for a good reason so persist if you can, it will all lead to more knitting later 🙂

  • donna lee

    As I finish my lace project, I find myself looking around for the next one. Something about knitting lace that is so satisfying.

    PT is good for the arm. Make sure you get the range of motion back.

  • Tam

    I love garter stitch bands. They’re so easy, and there’s something just so fashionable about the simplicity.

  • kgirlknits

    ahhh…shetland lace. sigh. My family’s from the Shetland Isles, and each time my mum goes back, I hint that an example of this artform would be a lovely souveneir, but nothing has been forthcoming yet!

    so I will admire yours instead!

    and yes, the best thing about getting back into the exercise is how GOOD you feel for it – hope you’re on the mend enough to soon be back to full speed 🙂

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