slow and steady

firstly, thanks for all the supportive and understanding comments re The Arm. im pretty well done with that topic now. its enough to know that it will be sore till its healed, and i know its healing, so what else is there to say?! i have been through enough real trauma in my life to know that how i feel, how i act or react, are matters of my own choosing, and that wallowing, when i have so much to be grateful for, is inappropriate and kind of boring.

so i spent the weekend trying to get some things done without overdoing it. the main thing i wanted to do was some cooking, and i did well on that front. its cool enough now to warrant some comfort food, and we picked up a little slow-cooking recipe booklet with a food magazine the other day. i decided to try the ‘daube of beef’ (a fancy way of saying a french beef and red wine casserole). it was pretty easy, although did involve some interesting preparation. first there was the standard browning of the meat:

followed by an interesting few minutes of pouring flour and red wine over the bacon, onion and garlic and whisking until it thickened:

which it did. the recipe also included orange peel and thyme, which looked pretty impressive before it went in the oven for 3 and a half hours:

about 15 minutes before youre ready to serve you just sautee some mushrooms and add them in the pot, still in the oven with the lid off. i served it with boring old mashed potatoes and green beans:

but there was nothing boring about the taste. it was full and rich and slightly orangey. melt in the mouth amazingly delicious. i wanted to make a desert as well, and trent said he wanted sticky date pudding (his favourite) and ive never made it before and thought it would be really hard, but i found a recipe in stephanie alexander’s cooks companion,

and she said it was easy, and apart from the annoyance of having to cream the butter and sugar with one hand, and concerns over ‘this cant possibly work’,

it was easy and it did work:

complete with toffee sauce and ice cream:

yummo. will make this again for sure!

knitting wise, it has been slow going on the body of the featherweight cardigan, but finally, im getting there!

i told myself i would just knit this body as long as i could get it out of one hank, and this is how much i have left:

plus a whole other hank to do the band, collar and sleeves. i need some advice though. the pattern says to do the bottom band and the cuff bands in 1×1 rib. i hate 1×1 rib and would rather gouge my eye out with a spoon, so in my last featherweight, i did 2×2, only slightly more tolerable, but i understand why you do rib. apart from stopping the stocking stitch roll, it lays flat, which is why i am wary of my lazy tendency which is telling me to do a garter stitch band, collar and cuffs. i have seen one of these finished beautifully with moss stitch, and i think my heart wants me to do that, although my head is telling me its as bad as 1×1 rib and i will just be copying anyway.

what do you think? what would you do?

k xx

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14 responses to “slow and steady

  • Adele

    What a wonderful cooking weekend. The casserole looks divine and well-worth trying. The sticky date would make my husband very happy. I have Stephanie’s book – must try it soon. I cooked Stephanie’s Lemon Delicious Pudding. It turned out fabulous, but I’d rather not talk about the whipped egg white that decorated my kitchen. It’s still a sore point.

  • missfee

    I vote for moss stitch – I like the look far more that rib! yes it is the same but feels different

  • jennifer

    This comes with the proviso that I haven’t actually tried this myself, BUT at Cherryhills (lys) last week while I was visiting grandmaflea there (ok and buying a couple of balls of wool), Sue (shopowner) said she was amazed that just casting off in k1p1 rib stopped the stocking stitch edge of her whatsit (cos I can’t remember what exactly) from curling. Who’d a thunk it! It was a bulky kind of knit though (2 or 3 strands 4-8ply knitted together). Make of this what you will.

    (Wish I could make delicious stews. Blando everytime.)

  • Rose Red

    Mmmmm casserole with mash – the ultimate comfort food!! And sticky date pudding!! OMG yum! I’ve been meaning to make apple crumble since I’ve been home but haven’t got there yet – must do it! (will get some green apples from the supermarket this week!)

    And maybe a pot of soup too…

    I think a garter edge would look good, as would moss stitch – as you say, moss is the same as 1×1 rib in terms of knitting, but sometimes it feels different. But with your Shall-Not-Be-Mentioned, you might find it easier to do garter?

  • bellsknits

    that’s just about the most perfect winter meal I could imagine. I’m planning to try that SDP as soon as I’m better. I’ve never even noticed Stephanie had one in her book.

    Red wine and beef – a match made in heaven.

    I’m inclined to say garter stitch. I love a garter stitch border, it’s what you want to do, it’s easier, and you know it’s effective. But I do love a moss stitch border too – it is, as you say, no better than rib in terms of ease. It’s a bitch actually, but it’s good.

  • sue

    Your beef casserole looks delicious! Sticky date pudding is a fave amongst the men in our house too, although Im not usually the one who cooks it. I would have thought moss stitch more time consuming than rib!

  • Sarah

    I think either garter or moss stitch would be fine and whilst it’s good not to be fretting about your arm maybe ask it which would be easier for it to knit?

  • Tam

    Do the moss stitch because you want to and it’s your knitting 😉

  • jp

    The stew sounds fabulous (i am just editing out the mushrooms for myself).

    The moss stitch sounds fantastic. Just go easy on the arm.

  • 2paw

    Oh that casserole looks delicious and I love her SDP recipe. Yum!! Well doe with the cardigan, excellent knitting skills
    Moss Stitch, I am enamoured of it at the moment.

  • donna lee

    I think the moss stitch would look good but i’m with bells on this one. It’s a bitch.

    The stew looks really good. We probably won’t have stew weather for a good while now. I can’t stand to eat it in the heat.

  • kgirlknits

    what about garter rib? that could look noice, without the annoyance of moss stitch? I think garter on it’s own might be a bit clunky?

    and yeah, that dinner looks to die for, I am salivating!!

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