FO: Clapotis Number Two

it turns out that knitting with a fractured elbow isnt really all that easy. i originally had a vision of two weeks at home yielding a whole polwarth silk featherweight cardigan, however, 4mm needles, 250+ stitches per row and 4 ply yarn require a lot more movement than you’d think. so i quickly switched to the 5.5mm needles and almost worsted weight yarn of the ravelry red clapotis, and managed to finish it on wednesday:

the knitting of it might have been managed ok, but the blocking part was always going to be a little tricky. it looked fine unblocked

but i really did want to flatten it out a bit, so it went for a bath

then a squeeze, and i lay it out on the hallway floor.

i didnt need to pin it that hard because it really responded to the water, but even so i had to get down on the floor and slide along beside it to straighten it. at one point, ricco came inside to see what i was doing and helped by licking my ear. i managed to get myself up off the floor and into town for a lunch date (i caught the bus, how cute) and when i came back it was dry. it is so beautiful.

this is the perfect pattern for this yarn, it needed to be given space to shine, and it really does:

and such a great pattern to knit. this version (my second clappy) is, as you know, on malabrigo silky merino, 5.5mm needles, in ravelry red colourway, a gift from the lovely bells. i did only 3 increase repeats i think because i wanted it to be an actual scarf, and i wasnt sure how long i would get it. i didnt count the straight row repeats, but i stopped when i had about 90g on the body and only 14g left on the ball. i had a moment of panic, but the decreases and finishing row took only 10g, leaving me with 4g left over. it turns out to be the perfect width for a scarf, and is very long too, longer than my meagre 5ft2.

i think its the most beautiful thing ive made so far, and i will be wearing it this weekend at the old bus depot markets in canberra.  i am so excited about this weekend. as bells has already written, some of our friends are having stalls, and i just love these markets. theyve become an annual ritual for me, because we always travel to canberra anyway for the flyball competition at the million paws walk, but the team lets me have a day off to go to the markets and be with my canberra friends who i miss so much. this year of course, i would be no help to anyone, and trent will be running possum. lets hope, unlike me,  he can stay up on his feet!



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