you gotta see the bay-bee*

on saturday night our friend rosered gave birth to connor james. we went up to see them both yesterday, and it was lovely. rosered looked surprisingly well, although a bit uncomfortable,  and i was very glad to see her smiling. dad was looking his usual calm self, and there in the little trolley was connor himself, an absolute dead ringer for his dad! he was smaller than i thought. yes yes hes a newborn, theyre small,  i know that, but he looked big when he was inside and hes pretty heavy, as far as babies go, he just doesnt look it. hes pretty long and has long arms that he was throwing around in his sleep. he slept through most of our visit, even though we talked and laughed as usual, but when he woke up i got to hold him for a bit.

its lovely when your friends have babies. you get to do all the cute and fun stuff, and maybe even babysit, and then as they grow up you dont have to do all the hard stuff, like homework and discipline. it made me a bit sad, to know i would not have one of these of my own, but because he has good sensible parents who arent precious or neurotic, i know i will get to spend plenty of time with this one. and it makes me very grateful for the friends who dont have babies as well, to remember that there are other ways to get through life, other ways to find meaning and purpose, and being a mum is just one of them.

as a knitter, the best thing about friends having babies is getting to make them cute stuff. i dont knit well to deadlines, so this didnt get done in time for the baby shower, but i did get to gift this little vest to connor and mum yesterday.

the pattern is the Oz Vest from Louisa Hardings “Natural Knits for Babies and Mums”, and the yarn is also Louisa Harding, its ‘Grace’ the lovely silk/wool blend. of course i didnt knit a tension square, so i cast on for the 3 month size, but looking at him yesterday it might fit him when hes 6 months. sigh. but i guess a vest is good like that, being tran-seasonal and all. it took almost 2 balls, and was knit on 4mm sticks. its knit in pieces, which is silly really, theres no reason this cant be knit in the round, but i couldnt quite figure out how to adapt it. thats my next big ambition as a knitter, to learn how to convert flat knitting to the round.

speaking of which, well all in one piece anyway, when i finish the TtHF featherweight, my next cardigan project is this one, Summer Solstice. a certain large yarn store in the US was having a sale and rosered, bells and i may have ordered a small (cough) box of stuff. while near roseredville, i picked up the bundle that i ordered to make aforementioned cardigan with:

elsebeth lavold silky wool in ‘vintage denim’. i nearly went for ‘thundercloud’, a much darker charcoal, but i think this mix of grey and blue will be fantastic, im very happy with it.

if only i could actually finish the things i have on the needles first. im still at home with The Arm, but in the interests of healing properly i have really cut back on the knitting. im getting a bit antsy though. the less said on that the better.


* title courtesy seinfeld writers, various espisodes.

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17 responses to “you gotta see the bay-bee*

  • Rose Red

    Awww, that’s a great photo of you and the bay bee!

    I’m so glad you like the yarn colour, I think it’s great too – will suit you and be very versatile!!

    I feel very lucky that I have such lovely knitting aunties for Connor (who will still hopefully help him with his homework sometimes??)

  • jennifer

    awwww loooook
    cute baby
    sweet vest
    lovely denim coloured silkywool

  • missfee

    really really cute photo of you and connor – what a smile you have
    I am so with you in the baby stakes – so good to have friends with bubs you can hold but then give back

    Snap hope you don’t mind but think I am knitting the same solstice in the same yarn……

  • bells

    That’s a gorgeous photo of the two of you! I love the way they fling their arms around.

    And the vest! Oh it’s lovely!!

    Can’t wait to get my new stash. You chose very well!

  • Tam

    Vests are awesome for babies. They look so cute on them 🙂 Plus, they’re very boy-ish, I reckon. Great for a present.

  • 2paw

    It is a lovely photo of you and the Rosette!!!
    Nice stash acquisition too!!

  • Yarna

    Isn’t he just the cutest bundle? Love the vest.
    And love the yarn – I have just got some too but I can’t remember which colourway.

  • Sarah

    What a lovely picture 🙂 I have the same problem with sizing baby knits but bigger has to be better than too small 🙂

  • sue

    He is a cutie isnt he and very long too. I am sure he will fill out in the next month or two and the little vest will be perfect on him. Hope your arm heals soon as it must be driving you a bit mad not being able to knit. Your new wool looks beautiful!

  • kgirlknits

    gorgeous photo of you two 🙂 and the silky wool, mmmm, drool…

    (snap on the vest too, wee C may have a back up one of these on the way, I think, which is handy if he’s an upchucky kinda baby!)

  • GeekKnitter

    Aww, just look at the two of you!

    Converting flat to round isn’t too big a deal. One thing to keep in mind is to subtract the selvage stitches you’d use in the seaming. Easy peasy!

    Keep healing!

  • probablyjane

    Isn’t he gorgeous?

    Good choice on the Silky Wool – I have an embarrassingly large stash of the stuff which I bought as mill ends on cones at silly prices – knits up beautifully.

  • donna lee

    What a great photo! I’m jealous. You get to smell that wonderful babyhead smell and I have ot just imagine it.

    Connor is a lucky boy to have aunties. They are such special people.

  • shellauw

    Isn’t he just gorgeous! Lovely pic of the both of you, and that’s some nice yarn! What a perfect colour!

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