the bright side

if there is a bright side to being injured and in pain, then i suspect this would be it:

i set up camp here this morning and have just now come in cos the sun got, you know, a little warm.  on the table, if you look closely, you can see some books i am using to do some research for The Next Big Project,

but i need one other secret book to come from overseas before i make a final decision and blog about it properly.

as for the injury itself, there is marked improvement today.  i can just manage a pony tail, if i move very slowly. its easier to get clothes on and off. it doesnt hurt all the way down into my hand. i cant lift anything tho, cant put any weight on it. and really, im not meant to be moving it at all, and i am trying hard to keep the sling on, but it gives me a headache and i hates it.

but im not complaining. i have one more episode of dexter season three to watch, ice cream for lunch, and then maybe back out into the sun for a while.

swap, anyone?!

k xx


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7 responses to “the bright side

  • justthreadtwiddling

    You are recovering much better than I did. Keep up the good work. I have only seen the first season of Dexter. I need to watch the others ’cause I really enjoy his antics.

  • bellsknits

    yeah your day looks much nicer! Keep that up resting and you’ll be mended in no time.

  • Rose Red

    mmmm, the perfect day really! (except for the pain and annoying sling – husby didn’t like to wear his either).

    I’m sure that Who magazine has been most helpful in your research! tee hee!

    I love that Possum (it is Possum isn’t it?) is sitting next to you in her own chair! Next she’ll be asking for a cup of tea!

  • Ailsa

    Look at that loyal companion. Do you think he knows that you’re sore?

    It was a beautiful day yesterday. I should have come and knit in the sun – as it was I knit inside the house almost all day too.

  • 2paw

    Glad you are feeling brighter, we had some Sun here today as well.

  • ThirdCat

    I have that cup, only in the form of a teatowel. I’ve hung it on the wall behind my desk, but it keeps falling down.

    I envy you the autumn sun, but not the pain. Hope you are sleeping okay.

  • Leonie

    See that looks like the perfect setting for a perfect day. Sun, knitting, books and tea absolutely the best. Shame about the reason behind it though.

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