why knitters* are the best people

firstly, because they understand priorities. for example, you post on facebook and twitter and here that youve hurt your arm and you get an avalanche of concerned responses hoping that you can still knit. the first thing i thought of once id finished the race straight after the fall was ‘i hope i can still knit’. thankfully i can but its slow going. i am working just on featherweight, because the needles are a bit bigger and easier to handle (sorry nardies the socks are on hold for the moment), and can do a row at time, but need to rest after each row. and i need a pillow under my arm. im surprised by how much i rotate my elbow while knitting. at any rate, its coming along nicely:

secondly, they tell bad jokes. see the comments in yesterdays post. im still giggling about the shitzu.

thirdly, they rally. they offer to help you out with your shopping, to take you out for lunch, to do your hair. they send you gift patterns on ravelry, and they organise deliveries of essential items. this morning, for example, a man from woolies home shop knocked on my door and handed me this:

it came with a little note of well wishes and kisses from fee, matt and kittens. im blown away, such a kind, thoughtful and generous gift, and so incredibly timely because i ate the rest of the chocolate rock yesterday. you are just the best missfee.

im feeling very lucky today, i am being very well looked after at home (right now i am very glad i have a housemate. how do people who live alone and get injured cope?!), people at work have picked up things that needed doing (after i got a phonecall at home on tuesday and went a little postal), i am able to lift my left arm enough to put a clip in my hair, and there’s chocolate in the house!

could be a lot worse.

k xx

*(for the purposes of this post, trent and nardine are hereby designated honorary knitters).

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