what i wanted to post yesterday

but couldnt because wordpress was playing silly buggers, is this:

so you know how i had a mission this weekend to finish that pair of flirtini socks for my sister? well i didnt, but it wasnt my fault. it was the dogs fault. firstly, instead of just being the person who puts the balls in the box for the dogs, this weekend i ran a dog myself. usually trent runs possum in flyball, but this weekend he had to judge all day, so i had a go. i loved it! shes such a great little dog, knows exactly what to do and has a great time doing it. i ran 6 races with her without incident, apart from bad early passes on my behalf (ie, i let her go too early and she passed the dog coming back too soon). you do that when youre new to racing and have no idea what youre doing. anyway, we even won some races, and it was a beautiful day down there on burrill lake and we were all having a great time.

then, in the second last race of the day something happened. possum was running as the third dog, which means sophie runs first and then gets out of the way, wizz runs second and is supposed to get out of the way, and possum runs third, with pac bringing up the rear. for some reason, in this one particular race, as i let possum go from 45 feet behind the start gates (so that she would cross with wizz right on the start line), wizz decided she needed to cross in front of me, rather than stay on my left hand side and find her handler, rosie,  that way. i saw her coming at me and knew what was going to happen. she was so focussed on looking for rosie she had no idea i was there. if i kept running i would run right into her and hurt her. but she was moving fast and i couldnt stop or sidestep in time. there was nowhere to go but over. it happened in slow motion then, and i had that moment of thinking this is going to hurt as my arms went out to break the fall. i landed flat on my face. this is my drawing of what happened:

the judge (trent) blew the whistle and racing stopped as everyone ran to see if i was ok. i just lay there for a minute thinking about whether i was ok, or whether if i just lay there the earth would open up and swallow me. i think i thought ‘damn you trent for making me run your dog, even tho shes really my dog’ and then i thought ‘my first time racing a dog and this is what happens’ and then i thought ‘right, get up now’. i tried to get up but wobbled a bit, i tried to put my weight on my left hand but it collapsed under me, so people helped me, we checked for scratches, no blood, im ok, we can keep running. i shook my hand out a bit and realised i would need to move the tug rope to my right hand for possum to grab on the way back (not the ideal racing technique) but we managed ok for a couple more races.  when we finished racing though, i knew something wasnt right. i was shivering, like i was cold, but wasnt cold. people handed me ice packs and made me sit down.  i felt all buzzy and like i was talking too much, too fast. a member of the local dog club was a paramedic and she checked for major breaks, found nothing, put me in a sling, which felt better. we packed up and drove home, i couldnt really move it but we were pretty sure it was just bruised. it was a big fall and im not a little thing, so youd expect it to hurt. i wasnt going to do anything else about it, until monday morning and thinking about showering, i tried to put my hair up and nearly passed out. it was that kind of pain that just rips through you, no apologies, taking all your breath away, and all you can do is say oh.

so i drove myself (interesting experience with one hand) to the dr who didnt like the look of it and ordered xrays (thankfully just across the road) and the lovely radiographer took a couple of pictures and then went ‘uh oh’ and i said that doesnt sound good and she said well im not a dr im just the radiographer but yeah its fractured. so back to the dr i go, and yes it is fractured, right here, see:

no, you cant see it, and neither can i really, but its there. i got off pretty lucky really, i have a ‘vertical relatively undisplaced fracture in the centre of the radial head with prominent joint effusion’. a crack and fluid. a very common injury when people fall with arm outstretched apparently. also, apparently, extremely painful, as you may have noticed from yesterdays rant. but theres nothing they can do except try and keep it still for 2 weeks and put it in a sling to try and facilitate  immobilisation. i have to have another xray in two weeks to make sure its healing, then i can move it a bit, until it is all healed up in about 6 weeks. apparently i will know its healed when its stopped hurting. awesome.

i can still knit, see:

but its a bit awkward and hurts a bit. i can only do a few rows at a time then need to stop for a while. overall though, i am feeling much better today. i took some nurofen plus before bed and slept better. my sister called me when she realised i wasnt happy and i cried on the phone and that helped a lot. sometimes you just need a good cry and then the pity party’s over. i watched 3 episodes of dexter and ate only an inch or two of the homer hudson chocolate rock, which means theres more of that to do today. and its a gorgeous grey cold windy and wet day today, finally, so i am perfectly justified in sliding into trackies, throwing a blankie over my knees, and repairing to the couch.

thanks for the kind comments and suggestions yesterday. they helped a lot. no need to repeat them, tho i might send a little treat to the person who can make me laugh the most with a silly joke. good jokes would be acceptable too!

k xx

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21 responses to “what i wanted to post yesterday

  • Ailsa

    A family went to the zoo and when they got there all they had was this one dog.

    It was a Shit-zhu.

  • Rose Red

    Oh the pressure of coming up with a good joke. Even a joke. I am an abject failure when it comes to jokes, especially under pressure of making a poor invalid laugh.

    But I am glad you drew a picture, which supplemented the image I got of you flying through the air in slow motion going “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” and then landing on the ground, your elbow going crack and so on….

    Glad you didn’t eat all the HH, best to spread it out over a few days really!

  • bellsknits

    Ailsa’s joke is great!

    I am so glad you’re feeling a little better today. I thought you were entirely justified in your poopy feelings yesterday. Pain is awful and when it’s causing you such difficulty, it’s going to get you down.

    I just keep thanking the universe that you’re not suffering a real, honest to goodness break and that the x-ray has a crack we can’t see. Because teh alternative is so much worse!

  • Jennifer

    Are you a Doctor Who fan? Because the theme running through the current season is that there is a crack in the fabric of time which no-one is noticing. Yet. Your crack in the fabric of arm might be just another manifestation.
    Thank goodness the knitting isn’t impeded.

  • sue

    Oh your so lucky it wasnt broken. I can just imagine the pain you felt when you nearly passed out, how awful for you. I do hope your arm heals soon so you can feel much better, and I am sure the knitting will still be there when your better too, dont overdo it!

  • Trent

    I love to sit in the park watching the little kids run around, jumping about squealing, shouting and screaming. They don’t realise I’m only firing with blanks.

  • Trent

    Christianity: The belief in a magic book written by an all-powerful invisible imaginary friend, which would be charming coming from anyone under ten, but from an adult is, quite franky, deeply worrying.

  • shellauw

    *hugs* I really can’t think of anything else to say. I’m still giggling at Ailsa’s really corny joke.

  • LynS

    You see? Dogs are dangerous!

    The other day I was looking on-line at children’s toyshops for a particular present for the dotee’s birthday. It was scattered with children’s jokes, such as:
    ‘What do you get when you cross a kangaroo with a ball of yarn?
    A woolly jumper’

    If I don’t remember chortling about this as a child, I should.

  • 2paw

    A horse walked into a bar. The barman said ‘Why the long face?”

    I love your story map, very Harry Potter Map from the end credits.

  • Catherine

    What do you get when you cross a chicken with a caterpillar?
    Drumsticks for everyone!

    What do you get if you sit under a cow?
    A pat on the head!

    Why can’t dogs dance?
    They have two left feet! (Hey, maybe that explains your accident…)

    Hope these don’t upset your funnybone while it heals 🙂

  • 1funkyknitwit

    Joke you say!… here’s one from my 8yr old who just told me this before going to sleep & he couldn’t stop giggling as he told me which probably makes it funnier ;D

    Here goes…

    The teacher asked little Johnny to come up to the front of the class and asked him to say the alphabet. So with that he commenced in saying
    ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO_QRSTUVWXYZ…. After he finished the teacher said… Johnny where’s the “P” & he promptly responded with… It’s running down my pants!
    Boom Boom… I did say my son was 8 ;D

    I know I’m not going to win any Osca’s but I hope it cheers you up… hehheheh

  • Tam

    I don’t follow the diagrams at all, but I gather that.. dogs broke your arm. I reckon Catherine should get the Joke Oscar 😉 for Most Appropriate Joke. Heehee.

  • GeekKnitter

    Forgive me, but the stick figure flat on the ground made me laugh. Painkillers and a good cry, sounds just the thing.

    Joke… joke… uh…

    What’s green and red and goes around and around?

    A frog in a blender!

  • Nardine Smith

    okay knitters, no-ones commented on the progress of the most important pair of socks ever knitted … the fast derby skating socks … they’re looking fabulous – i’m soooo excited!

    its my personal view that homer hudson double chocolate icecream should be eaten in one sitting, anything less is for quitters.

    hope you’re on the mend sis – i wish i was closer so that i could put your hair in a pony and walk through the diagram with you, in person. i love that you called the other team ‘them’ … made me laugh.

    umm, comic sans walks into a bar and the barman says, we dont serve your type here …

    peace out! from n : ) (the owner of the new stripey fast socks)!

    • drkknits

      awesome, a designer joke! (get it…you being a designer….haha) i did finish off the tub of chocolate rock yesterday thankfully, and i wish you were here too. the Other team are Them. we are Us. socks are at the heel, not long to go now xx

  • Sue

    Bit late but here is my favourite knock knock joke.

    Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?
    Sam and Janet.
    Sam and Janet who?

    Sam and Janet evening……(better if you sing it)

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