on a mission

we are about to pack the car and head off down to ulladulla for the weekend for a little flyball comp tomorrow. the dogs appear ready to go:

they love the car, and love travelling, as do i when i am the passenger and get car knitting time. and my mission for the weekend, should i chose to accept it, is to come back with a finished pair of socks. i have made little or no progress on either of the socks-in-progess, and have yet to chose anything from my personal sock club because i can not possibly have three pairs of socks OTN at once. so i have decided to take only one project with me for the weekend, and it is the flirtini socks because they are the closest to being a finished pair:

and then my dear beloved roller derbying sister can stop nagging me about them, and i can move on. finally.

have a great weekend

k xx

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9 responses to “on a mission

  • Bells

    Two fabulous photos! Have a great weekend! Knit like the wind!

  • Ailsa

    Ulladulla. It’s such a lovely place.

    Good luck Possum and Jem and little Rocco!

  • 2paw

    Oh look at those gorgeous pups, all lined up saying ‘When will we be getting there??!!’
    Happy knitting, you’ve got most of a sock to go so it will be a mammoth effort!!

  • Nardine Smith

    Yeah for nardies!!

    What a sexy pair of socks theyre gonna be … and everyone knows how much faster you go with good looking gear .. right?

    N : )

  • sue

    Your doggies are so cute. The socks look great and I still need to finish my 2nd one to make them a pair which were suppoed to be the finished ones for April! Oh well, maybe next week I can get them done. You will be able to finish yours in next to no time, and then you can cast on for another pair. Wonder what they will be!

  • Rose Red

    Wow – only one project for a whole weekend! That’s dedication!

    Look at the pups – so eager to go – I think they are looking at you saying “put the damn camera away woman, you are wasting time! Let’s go!!!”

  • Olivia

    What good dogs all looking at the camera together! And I love your sock photo. Good luck getting them finished. Sometimes one project at a time is the only way to see progress, it seems.

  • Annie

    I hope you had a great weekend, the weather was so nice as we rode through Ulladulla on Saturday morning. Did the socks get finished, I will wait to see in your next post.

  • donna lee

    The dogs look like they’re more than ready. Kinda like “put the camera down and get into the car!” ready.

    I have three pairs of socks otn and I’m not sure how that happened.

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