just like riding a bike

there are some things about knitting that it seems your fingers just dont forget, and for me this week its the simple joy of the clapotis scarf.  i have made one before, and wore it a lot last year. i need a new scarf this winter and was looking for something a bit different. but it was not to be. i started this yesterday:

its the malabrigo silky wool in ravelry red that bells gave me. i cast it on and frogged it twice at camp, one time it was going to be a one row lace scarf, and the next time it was going to be a 4 row drop stitch scarf, but neither of them seemed to do this lovely yarn justice. i wanted to be able to see the yarn, to see the silk, to enjoy all that red, but still have it be open and soft and flowing.

sounds like a clappy doesnt it? maybe its a bit naff to make the same thing again, but there is something so elegant and clever about this pattern. and i dont care that almost everyone i know has one too. i know some people think viral knits are annoying, and i am trying these days to not just knit something because everyone else is doing it, but there is a reason why some patterns are viral. the clapotis is one of them. i dont know why i didnt think of it sooner!

k xx

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10 responses to “just like riding a bike

  • Olivia

    It’s just one of those rare patterns. Recently I tried hard to find something that would do the same things (simple, drapey, show off interesting yarn, lacy without really being lacy) and couldn’t find anything I liked as much. I am currently knitting my 4th clappy. And I am usually not a go-along-with-the-crowd person, at all.

  • bellsknits

    See I thought the one you started at camp was perfect. Then I saw this and knew it was right. I hope you keep loving it because it’s great!

    The whole viral knits argument shits me so much. You’re right. Some patterns just work and they spread like wildfire for a reason. the ones that are just a flash in the pan soon fade but the good ones, that are destined to be classics, stick around.

  • Ailsa

    The clapotis is an inspired pattern – it’s eminently wearable, fun to knit and clever to boot.

    And it is clever, the bias shaping and that little doo-da you put in the bottom of the drop to stop it from unravelling to a thread at the edges. Dead smart detailing.

    It was one of the first things I even made – I didn’t know how to kfb and had never seen a circular needle way back then. I still wear it, which is more than I can say for many of the fancier things I’ve knitted (knit?) since.

    And the red silky mal – born for each other!

  • 2paw

    Nothing wrong with knitting the same thing again. It’s like a favourite meal of film or book. Bah Humbug to the naysayers, I say!! It looks perfect!!

  • LynS

    I still haven’t knitted a clapotis, but every time I see somebody wearing one I wish I had! Perfect yarn and colour. My ‘to do’ list gets longer and longer.

    There are some items of clothing you just love. I keep buying slightly updated versions of the same kind of clothes I’ve been wearing for ages; I have clothes I still wear frequently that I bought in the 1980s; I actually wear out my very favourite things. If you love clapotis, two can’t possibly be enough.

  • gidgetknits

    I haven’t knitted one and I don’t really have an urge, but, gee, I can appreciate the ones that spring up! That looks brilliant in the red and as someone with 2 Damsons, 2 Travelling Womans… well you get the picture… I’d be the last in the world to criticise!

  • Rose Red

    I think people who refuse to knit viral knits simply because they are viral knits may miss out on really classic pieces of knitwear. If you like something and it works, knit it I say! And I agree with Ailsa, I actually think the clapotis is an inspired pattern – not unlike the baby surprise jacket. One of those things that everyone should knit because of the technique involved! (I’m thinking about a post on that actually!)

    I think it looks fab!

  • Sarah

    I think if you find the ideal pattern/yarn combo and you already know you loved the FO – then that’s an absolute win win isn’t it? Although there are so many new patterns to try I like to think that the successful ones I have knit are old friends to turn back to.

  • jp

    The one I wore to camp was my first. But it is such a fabulous knit from both the process and the outcome point of view.

    Each yarn shows the pattern off in it’s own way.

  • missfee

    oh noes you have the clap

    Actually I really like it in the plain colour mmm me thinks I might knit another too….

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