gone camping

in less than two hours i will be headed up the road to the beautiful mt keira scout camp for the annual CR&K Daisy Designs (local yarn store) Knitting Camp. this will be my third time at camp, and i dont think ive ever looked forward to going as much as this year. everyone whos anyone will be there, with one notable exception in the form of rosered, who, if she was a serious knitter, wouldnt have let a small thing like being eight and three quarter months pregnant stop her.  im joking of course, we will miss our rosered, but its going to be fun anyway. i tried to pack lightly this year, and gave that up as a bad joke about half an hour ago:

we will be away until sunday night, but you can be sure when we get back we will have lots of stories to tell about this one time, at knitting camp….

k xx


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9 responses to “gone camping

  • bellsknits

    oh i’m very glad to see your bags. It makes me feel ok about mine.

    I feel just the same. More excited than ever.

    Good point about RoseRed. She calls herself a Knitter.

  • Rose Red

    Yeah yeah, whatevs! Just remember it’ll be you guys having all the fun…sigh!

    I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible for a knitter to pack light. But hey, if you didn’t need to take the sleeping bag and pillow, you’d have half that amount, right!!

    Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  • Leonie

    That sounds like oh so much fun. Enjoy yourself, will be looking forward to the stories 😉

  • gemma

    Can’t wait to knit for the weekend.

  • 2paw

    I think as long as you can transport it, you should take it!! Yes, RoseRed has let the side down!!! (Not!!)

  • Sue

    I don’t even have the Rosered excuse for not going! Hope you all have an awesome time.

  • shellauw

    Sounds like fun. Now the question to be begged is whether the tradition of knitter’s children being born while everybody else is at camp will continue… RR?

    Like I have said before – I look forward to the photos and the report of the goodness that is knitters camp!

  • Sarah

    To say have fun is so redundant isn’t it? But do 🙂

  • donna lee

    I don’t think that looks like an excessive amount of baggage at all. When I was a girl scout (for 11 yrs) our rule was “bring as much as you want but remember: YOU CARRY IT”

    Have tons of fun.

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