SHOESDay: a bit late

i had a brain wave last night just before i drifted off to sleep that i should have joined all the best people and blogged about my new shoes too. they are of course, red. and kind of mary jane-ish. you know how i feel about that kind of shoe. here they are on my desk at work this morning.

these ones are slightly different to the campers though, in that they cost me the grand total of $9 at the salvation army store. i was at the op-shop (as we call them here, short for opportunity i believe) looking for some stuff for my op-shop glam costume for knitting camp on saturday night. sneak peak below.

i nearly didnt get them because i already have Those Shoes, and i had sworn off shoe buying because i didnt feel i could justify any more shoes until those ones had worn a big hole through the sole. but you know, $9. in my size. slightly scuffed. i couldnt not.

and now only two sleeps till knitting camp. more about that later!

k xx

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12 responses to “SHOESDay: a bit late

  • bellsknits

    you scored. You well and truly scored. I am not going to rest now until I’m as lucky as you and have two pairs of great red shoes. I love my red heels but they’re not exactly every day shoes and there are some days where a pair of red shoes will just make a difference to whether or not I am in a mood that’s fit for being amongst people or not.

    And camp. You are so organised. I am not. Although I almost scored a purple mumu yesterday…..

    You will look fab!

  • LynS

    Well done. Love the red shoes. I’m looking forward to knitting camp, but trying to ignore the ‘theme’. I reckon I’m vintage enough.

  • Rose Red

    Every day is SHOESday! And let’s face it, a woman can never have too many pairs of red shoes. Especially when they are such a bargain. And best of all, it means the Other red shoes will last even longer and give more pleasure.

  • Ailsa

    That’s shaping up to be a pretty glam costume!

    I wanted to go as a dusty bride, but they dresses are $100! Maybe a bridesmaid ..

    I’m glad I read this post because I wasn’t going to really do much about the opshop glam instruction, but your enthusiasm is rubbing off on me.

    Great find in the opshop too!

  • Sue

    Colour me very envious! Great red shoes AND knitting camp!

  • gidgetknits

    Red shoes are taking over the world! Quite right too.

  • 2paw

    Lovely shoes. I am envious!! There has been a dearth of green shoes this last year and it doesn’t look good for the future at the moment!!
    Oh Knitting Camp, I am looking forward to reading about that!!

  • Sarah

    Yay for happy shoes πŸ™‚

    Please stop tormenting me with talk about knitting camp though – every year I get so jealous!

  • 1funkyknitwit

    Fab shoes and camp here we come… I’m so looking forward to running away from home this weekend πŸ˜‰

    Not doing theme though tried to find something but I ran out of time this year so tracky dacks are on the agenda. Your costume is looking amazing looking forward to seeing you all fancy shmansy πŸ˜€

  • donna lee

    Be sure to take lots of photos of the whole glam bunch of you. It sounds like it’ll be a good time.

    I don’t know if I could buy used shoes, but I love your red ones.

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