let them eat cake

oh what a weekend. i have been away for a few days, starting with saturday morning and a drive up to sydney to IC knitters guild. what a great group, although i was really hoping to see kris spit into her hand to demonstrate the spit-splice. i used that method of joining very successfully in the featherweight, which being a top down raglan ended up with only about 5 ends to weave in. how much do we love those kinds of projects? enough for me to make another one perhaps? well, funny you should say that, because after guild i went to stay in roseredville, where i was enabled, sorry encouraged, to wind up into huge delicious cakes, my two gorgeous big hanks of tom-the-hot-farmer polwarth silk (purchased at last years bus depot markets in canberra).

according to the figures on wendy’s website, i should have about 1200 metres, which is about what i used for the malabrigo featherweight (which only weighs 164g by the way), but i want to make this one longer in the body and sleeves, so i may be forced to purchase more at the upcoming markets in may. would it be ok to call a project the ‘tom-the-hot-farmer’ cardi, do you think?

speaking of cake, the reason i stayed at rosereds was because, in case you didnt know, she’s having a baby and my partner in crime and i had organised a shower. not a traditional silly game playing one, but one just for knitters, who managed to organise themselves into a circle (what does that say about knitters do you think?) and knit, and eat and drink and laugh and chatter and gift some amazing things, to a very special jane and her very special teddy, who i cant wait to meet and im sure will be as lovely and patient and kind and thoughtful as his mum and dad who i am very fortunate to call my friends. a big shout out to everyone who came and made it such a terrific afternoon! thanks everyone xx

one very clever knitter made a beautiful little ted cake, and it was the star of the show and one of the best cakes ive ever eaten. this is what was left of him at the end of the party:


i stayed in roseredville again sunday night because i had to be back in the city to give a paper at a big swanky international conference, which went very well (standing room only in my session, nice!), and i was totally exhausted when i arrived home last night. thankfully, i am home today, and wading through mountains of washing, and catching up on blogs.

but later, i will be casting on featherweight mark II. and thinking about tom the hot farmer, who doesnt know what ‘yardage’ his own wool has. sigh.

k xx

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17 responses to “let them eat cake

  • bellsknits

    twas a great weekend wasn’t it! I’ll partner you in crime any time!

    Fab cake. Just delicious.

    I am SO unable to stop thinking about you starting a new featherweight in TtHF yarn. I have to force myself today not to wind up whatever I’d use next for another one. I need another one. We both do!

    Standing room only is excellent. So proud of you!

  • Rose Red

    Mmmmm Tom-the-Hot-Farmer! I can almost forgive him not knowing the yardage since he is such a hottie!

    Thank you so much for organising my party, it was tops!! As only a party full of knitters can be!

  • missfee

    what about those delicious teddy biscuits!!!

    and that very pattable featherweight – I want one three now – but still deciding what to cast on with……

    and I definilty think you can call it ‘tom-the-hot-farmer-cardie”where do I get me some of this from?

  • LynS

    ..and eat cake they did. I’m still coming down from my sugar high from too much of the Little Ted icing. It was a fun and relaxing day – I just love the way you never have to entertain knitters – they just do it all by themselves.

    I’m envious of all the featherweight cardis. They’re just so perfect for Sydney weather, but I have so much knitting queued for the near future I just can’t let myself be distracted. I can’t. I can’t.

    Thanks for all you did to make Sunday such fun.

    • drkknits

      if you dont have a cardigan in your queue lyn i would bump this to the top because its super easy and would really suit you! and it looks great in grey šŸ™‚

  • Sue

    TtHF – just another excuse for the OBDM Celebration of Wool next month! Loved your featherweight and was inspired to dust mine off.

    Thanks for a great afternoon on Sunday – sorry I had to leave early.

  • shellauw

    Yay you! Standing room only! Wow!

    And that baby shower sounds like it was great. RR deserves to be spoilt, and I’m glad you ladies did just that! The cake looks really good too. Yum!

    I’ve still got my TtHF 4ply in a skein and have been wondering what to do with it. You may have inspired me to copy you… And I’m so envious the lot of you ladies being about to enjoy the ODBM. *sigh*

    So… when are you going to cast on?

  • Jennifer

    I was tempted to suggest that someone should take a photo of said yarn with said TtHF in the background, for those of us who dare not go anywhere near actual tempting yarn booths, but that might be misconstrued as incitement to stalk, and that would never do.

    • drkknits

      oh i’ll stalk, no problems. im sure hes a very deliberate tactic on the part of his mother, i presume, to loosen our wallets. so many grown up intelligent women reduced to school girls, its worth the price of admission just to see it!

  • jp

    Glad to hear your session was well attended.
    Thanks to you both for such a great day Sunday.

    It was truly a brilliant afternoon. A great way to prepare to welcome Teddy into the world.

    I must upload the photos of the blanket.

  • Sarah

    Yay for great weekends and great talks – and I should say it was compulsory to call this new cardi the Tom the Hot Farmer cardi šŸ™‚

  • donna lee

    It sounds like it was a love filled event and you area all wonderful.

    I think I am in love with the featherweight cardigan. It would be a good thing for all the a/c in the summer here. I think I even have some knitpicks shadow in the house somewhere.

  • Jejune

    Sounds like the perfect baby shower, especially with Little Ted to be consumed!

  • bellsknits

    I’m here to request a photo of the new featherweight, even if it’s still just small. I want to see stitches!

  • Ailsa

    Thank you and Helen too for organising – Jane didn’t stop smiling all day! and for letting me eat cake too.

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