Finished Object: Featherweight Cardigan

knitting cardigans is never an easy process with me. i have tried many patterns over the last few years and have had more misses than hits. the hits tend to come with the simplest patterns, in the best quality yarns, and so it is again with the latest effort, my attempt at the rather viral ‘featherweight’ cardigan. i finished it on tuesday, blocked it wednesday and wore it to work on thursday. it was indeed as light as a feather, a joy to wear.

project details are: featherweight cardigan by hannah fettig. made in size xxl for 48inch bust.

sticks: knitpicks options 4.5mm. yarn: malabrigo lace in ‘paris night’. i used about 3 and a half skeins. as you know i had some issues with this yarn. having 4 skeins bought all at once, i didnt think to alternate, but it appears two of the skeins were markedly darker than two of the others. this has created a fairly distinct line between skein one and skein two, but i decided to live with it. i also didnt bother alternating for the rest, skein three was another light one that finished off the body and then the half of skein four that did the sleeves and collar was a darker one. it is what it is. there is no ripping of malabrigo lace. you live and learn.

modifications: longer and wider! i went to about 14 inches for the body from the underarms and then only about an inch of 2×2 rib. at ailsa’s advice, i added some increases along the neck line as i was doing the raglan increases and i think this has helped it not disappear into my armpits.

what i learnt: i dont have to knit huge things all the time. this feels a little odd on, i feel a little exposed, but it works as a layering garment. and i just want to wear it all the time because its so bloody soft.

oh, and the other thing i learnt? try alternating your malabrigo.


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