accessories in red

you could be forgiven for thinking that it might be cooler down here by this time of the year, but no, summer likes to make us suffer as much as possible. there is some evidence of change, a slight drop in temperature so that i need a cardigan today (the mountain view of course) and leaves starting to turn yellow:

and the blooming of some stunning roses in my garden:

other evidence is the appearance of my favourite apples, the spicy, sharp, white fleshed bonza:

they come at the very beginning of the apple season and only last a short time, and they dont put them in cold storage because they dont cope, so you know they are fresh. they are probably my favourite kind of fruit (the only other fruit i actually like being pineapple and bananas). and arent they a beautiful red?

speaking of red, the wearing of the cardigan has prompted thoughts of a revamp of the winter wardrobe. i am a ‘winter’ person both colour wise and by nature, so i tend to wear mostly black, although i do look good in blue. but really, red is my favourite colour, and i have this amazing pair of red shoes that i intend to wear quite a lot this season. yesterday i wore them with a dress and tights and the mountain view cardigan. this long layered look works quite well with the unintended length of the MV, so i have decided to try and include some winter items that will work in that way. for example, today i am wearing a long black singlet dress over jeans, and the MV of course, and the top has a splash of red japanese type patterning along the bottom, which looks great with the shoes. i have seen the PYTs around uni today eyeing the shoes (and someone should tell those girls that Tights Are Not Pants).

but i digress. given that i really cant wear a whole red outfit, i have decided to make red my accessory colour. this works out kind of well because im already knitting two red accessories (convenient, no?). of course, there is the beautiful light cashmere of the ‘lily of the valley’ scarf:

and the darker red of the icarus shawl:

and then there is something undecided, to be made with this:

2 skeins of the marvellous malabrigo silky wool in ravelry red, a gift from bells. i think i want this to be a long, fairly plain but slightly open, functional scarf, and have been contemplating the ‘lace ribbon scarf‘.  im not sure if thats too zigazaggy, maybe i want something with a more circular pattern. im thinking i would like to knit this over the knitting camp weekend (i wish knitting camp was EVERY weekend), so something not requiring a chart would be good.

i welcome your suggestions!

k xx

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10 responses to “accessories in red

  • Rose Red

    so much lovely RED! My favourite colour post ever!! heh!

    I think the lace ribbon scarf is a good choice – although I’ve heard it’s quite boring to knit – but it might well take your fancy. And you could do it narrower so that should help!

    I shall try a bonza apple – although pink lady is my favourite (ironic, yes?)


  • justthreadtwiddling

    I love RED. A good true blue red as opposed to orange reds. I haven’t made anything for myself in red so maybe I will take your cue and knit a scarf or shawl in RED!!!

  • Bells

    I’m loving your thinking on winter clothes and layering. It might be time for me to have a rethink on this sort of thing.

    Oh your shoes. how I love them.

    Everyone says lace ribbon is dull but I don’t mind dull. Dull knitting can be good – hello featherweight! That’s what I’d do. Or maybe something like the dayflower scarf? I made that and it’s fun!

    Bonzas. Right. Maybe they will encourage me to eat apples?

  • shellauw

    I have issues with the Tights as Pants look too.

    And do the stolen moments. You know you want to. I’ve already worn it several times to work and it is such a beautiful, easy, no thinking piece… The Dayflower is really lovely too, come to think of it. And the Tiger Eye…

    so many pretty scarves and the mmmmmmmmalabrigo is beautiful to work with!

  • Ailsa

    Under 25 and under 50 kilos – I’d be wearing tights as pants too.

    I don’t know that the Bonza apple has ever really been noticed on my radar – I shall have to give them more thought.

    The top red rose is incredible. It looks a little like the skin of an apple too.

    The lace ribbon scarf is beautiful, but as Jane says I think it’s a challenge to get through it.

  • 2paw

    I am a bit confused as to why you can’t wear all red. Is there a rule at work?? I wear, at all times, as much green as possibly!!!
    I love your red accessories though, and the ribbon lace looks lovely in real life.
    Leggings are NOT pants, thank you Lindsay Lohan et al for this trend as well as the apocryphally named ‘jeggings’. OMGCB!! Oh jeggings are jeans smashed together with leggings.

    • drkknits

      hehe, all red makes me look like a big tomato. and i know SOMEONE who has some jeggings. dont i knitabulous? to be honest, i want some of them too, they look so comfy!!

  • 1funkyknitwit

    I too LOVE RED!!!
    Fab colour perfect with grey/black/brown/blues my staple wardrobe so no convincing me on it’s wonderfulness 😀

    I’ve made the ‘Lace Ribbon Scarf’ & happen to like mindless knitting (gotta wonder what that say’s about me;) & love this little scarf.
    Will look GREAT in red, you have my vote!

  • donna lee

    Red is one of my favorite colors, too. I have just started to really wear it and get more compliments when i wear a red sweater than anything else.

    I’ll probably put most of the red away for the summer. It’s a little too dark for the heat.

  • Fernicle

    how gorgeous is the colour on that red and pink rose?! Sublime….All blues and white here still so nice to see some other colours 🙂

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