study for cardigan, blue wool on silver needles

i am having trouble this week shaking the flu and recovering from an exhausting but exhilerating weekend in canberra, which involved three hours driving there, excellent chinese take away, much knitting and laughing while watching black books, then an early start for a two hour queue (even with prepaid tickets!) and then two hours trying to absord over 100 amazing pictures at the ‘masterpeices from paris’ exhibition. then a three hour drive home. bells has already talked about our adventures, and it was as fabulous as she describes, but exhausting.

i find major art exhibitions like that pretty overwhelming generally. its hard in australia because we dont get them often so when they come they try and bring everything, and probably do too much. there were some really amazing pieces there, but there were some issues i think with the organisation and lighting, as in lights directly onto pictures causing flares, and too much light generally, too many pictures on a wall, and not enough room to see them all. i dont mean to sound like an art snob, because i really have no idea about these things, but having been to the van gogh museum itself, and seeing european art in europe, they loose some of their emotional power here. but a real live van gogh will always reduce me to tears, and so i bought the obligatory poster of starry night to go in the van gogh gallery room at home!

two things struck me yesterday 1: my favourite artists are dutch (van gogh and vermeer) and 2: the current knitting project is kind of related to van gogh because its in yarn called ‘paris nights’ ,  influenced i suspect by these dark striking blues. of course, as you know i have had some issues with the blue in this yarn, but i have carried on regardless and am ok with how its turning out. here is a picture of it late yesterday as the sun was going down, with no flash:

and with flash:

and the real colour is probably somewhere in between! i know some people were amazed that i didnt notice the colour change as i was knitting but i really didnt, i knit mostly at night and its all bunched up in my lap. i know that colour variation is an issue with malabrigo, but in my defence, i bought all 4 skeins at the same time from the same dealer, and there was not one single mention of the need to alternate skeins in the other projects using this yarn on ravlery, and no warning in the pattern itself. when i noticed the issue, i untwisted the two remaining skeins and noticed a slight difference in the intensity and saturation, so that one yarn was defintely ‘lighter’ than the other. i decided to finish the body in this lighter yarn, then use the darker skein to pick the stitches and knit the collar, so that this will bring a contrast that corresponds to the darker ‘yoke’. then i will probably alternate the left overs for the sleeves. as you can see, its on the collar now, and its coming together really well. its so beautiful to wear, whats a little colour change? i can just call it artistic, anyway.

k xx


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12 responses to “study for cardigan, blue wool on silver needles

  • missfee

    I actually like the colour change – it is working with the pattern really well

    love it!!!!

  • bellsknits

    isn’t that funny I’d already blocked out the memory of the inappropriate lighting of the show but I remember now that Starry Night looked better once we moved just a little past it – that kind of thing. I would dearly love to see the VG museum one day.

    And Paris nights – of course – how very sychronistic! It’s looking great and I think your defence is totally understandable!

    Get well soon! xo

  • Rose Red

    Still envious of the gallery experience!!

    Loving the cardi, I think the colour change looks like it was meant to be!!

  • shellauw

    That cardi is looking amazing! Still think the colours are fantastic, even with the variation…

    And I do hope you feel better soon. Lots of tea and soup and rest, and puppy cuddles are called for, methinks.


  • amy

    Oh the Van Gogh Museum was fabulous!! While in Amsterdam I also saw the Anne Frank House and the Sex Museum. Quite a study in contrasts.

  • Ailsa

    I feel for you on your flu, I am having trouble shaking those last little vestiges of it too, and I’m pretty sure mine was a lot milder than yours.

    I cannot wait to see your finished featherweight. Please wear it Saturday even if it’s 35 degrees.

    Looking forward to seeing what’s next for your knitting..

  • Ailsa

    Hey I’ve been to the Van Gogh museum too. It was so long ago (and I might have been, um, under the weather) that I forgot.

  • Sarah

    Oh it’s going to be so beautiful – and the colour variation is part of the hand knitty uniqueness of it – much more creative

  • fernicle

    The way Van Gogh captures the beauty and magic of fields of wheat stirred by a breeze always reduces me to tears. Unfortunately when I went to see the museum many years ago it was going through a renovation period so I saw all the artworks in a different home. perahps it is time to return to amsterdam…

  • Ailsa

    Yes one of those types – now that I’m ensconsed in mindless suburbia at least I have the memories. Some of them anyway.

    I bought my engagement ring diamond in Amsterdam, that’s where Alan proposed.

  • gidgetknits

    The cardigan is tonal! I like it. Take care of that flu and enjoy the starry night! (Was there a good museum shop – I always love the shop!)

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