drum roll….

thank you to everyone who left such amazing thoughtful comments on the last post, and also to all the people who didnt leave comments. im happy to know there are so many people reading, and im also pleased to note that everyone has the same issues with comments as me! it can be really hard work sometimes, but i really appreciate all the effort people made over the last few days. you can all go back to lurking now.

but not before we give away some yarn. it was a contest after all! so i wrote everyones name on post it notes

and folded them up so i couldnt see and put them in a box

and drew out a name, and who should it be but Jeannie, a fellow cattle dog owner!

i wish i had more than one prize, because you all deserve one, but send me your address jeannie and a little package will be winging its way to you soon. i will be throwing in some other little distinctly australian treats, so watch out for the postie.

tomorrow, we return to our usual programming, that is, knitting.



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