how to look clever without really trying

knit self-striping socks!! seriously, people who dont know better think you’re really clever when they see all these marvellous coloured stripes emerge from your needles. they expect to discover that its really tricky, and requires lots of changes in different coloured yarns, and are amazed when you tell them that no, the yarn does it all by itself. the best yarns are the ones that have evenly spaced and repeating stripe pattern, like the fabulous yarntini. i had my first bite at the yarntini cherry last month, and yesterday, while sitting in a camp chair at a flyball comp, i finished the first sock:

this is lovely yarn, and i want to only ever yarntini on my feet from now on, but i am actually gifting these to my sister, who does roller derby. they just scream ‘skating socks’ dont you think? dont worry, i have plenty of other self-striping yarns to chose from for myself, including the next edition of the yarntini self striping club which is the lovely green and blue in the top left corner below:

there is one more yarntini package to come, and other regia colourways to collect, and a couple of yarn markets coming up over the next few months which will no doubt add to this collection, so i am not likely to run out of trick-knitting anytime soon. meanwhile, todays photos are brought to you from my bed, because i have the flu. and its not even winter yet. sigh.

k xx


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13 responses to “how to look clever without really trying

  • bellsknits

    you’re so right. I was knitting my regia knee highs around non knitters last week and it took me a minute to figure out that they truly thought I was changing colours every few rows. I forget that people don’t know it can be done so easily since it’s been so long since we all discovered it.

    The yarntini is just so pretty. Very roller derby! I remember going through a phase where i thought striping socks were just so passe. But really, they are a great way to knit plain socks – when you just want the yarn to do the talking.

  • Olivia

    I never get sick of self-striping yarn! But I think I am a bit short in explaining it to non-knitters, as it just seems obvious when you’ve done it a few (thousand) times. I especially love the ones that have murky or messy changes between the colours, with some sort of blending or speckes.

  • Rose Red

    I remember when I knit my first pair of self-striping (also Yarntini!) – even my mum – a knitter – thought I’d used 3 different balls of yarn. “All those ends!” she sighed…I passed the sock to her and asked her to see if she could see where I’d darned “all those ends” in – which of course she couldn’t, because there weren’t any! Love love love the self-striping sock yarn!

    Don’t love so much the flu, so hope you are feeling better soon lovey!

  • missfee

    yum – and can’t wait to see the other balls unwind and knit up into stripes too!!!

  • LynS

    Love the colour combination in these socks – very raspberry-ish. Hope the flu goes away soon.

  • Jodi

    I have yet to discover Yarntini, although I’ve seen it lauded across the blogosphere. I’m adding it to my “to do” list along with a toe up pair. Last night I read about double-knitting two socks at once on a set of DPNs. The instructional pictures made me feel a little light headed and I had to set it aside until the nausea abated. But this…this seems doable. 😉

  • 2paw

    It is magic, and it makes the socks grow really quickly too!! So much self-striping wool, it’s a stripy sock knitter’s dream!! (that’s strip socks, not stripy sock knitter!!)

  • fernicle

    Oh I so need to get sock knitting, they just look scrumptous…not to mention the need to roller derby!

  • Nardine Smith

    i love that i am included as one of my sisters special knitting projects – i certainly wont be the only girl wearing stripey socks at roller derby – but i will be the only girl wearing a pair of dr k knitted spectacular spectaculars … they’re so extremely pretty and i will wear them with pride and reverence for clever knitters and self striping yarn – imagine!

    i’ll be the fastest girl on the track in these babies (well the truth is i’m still learning to stay on my skates rather than falling off) – but i’ll still feel speedy – which is the point, yes!

    i’m not at bouting capability yet, but i just realised that perhaps the knitting community wasnt aware of what australian roller derby looks like (click here if you’re interested): .

    From this clip you may notice the socks dear knitters … there’s definitely a niche market for knitters in the cult of derby! The other day i saw a little baby at a bout, who had skate socks, that is they were socks that looked like roller skates … they had wheels on them and everything! clever

    • bellsknits

      Nardine I went to my first roller derby game because of a knitter friend who is really into it. I was less into the game and more into seeing what everyone wore (not that i’m terribly into clothes either but it seemed really creative and colourful).

      Your stripey socks will look great with skates!

      • Nardine Smith

        thanks bellsknits … when i get my socks i’ll send a pic of them snuggly on my feet and no so snuggly forced into my skates … speedy me!

        yes, its derby is definitely not for the fasionista fainthearted … its not all classy, buts i agree, very creative and colourful!

  • Nardine Smith

    umm, i think ssrg are promoting the girls 2nd bout for the year, on the 7.00pm project tonight … in case anyone wanted to check out … the socks !

    dear flirtini’s, will you be mine soon, mayhaps for a little doolittle trade!

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