finally, an FO

and its the moutain view cardigan. because i only finished knitting the pieces about a month ago! im scared of seaming ok?! but when i did bite the bullet, it went quite well, although 100% bamboo is not so good to seam with, as lovely as it was too knit with. something about the seaming took all the twist out of it and i ended up trying to run 8 threads simultaneously through the eye of a needle.

but, here she is. and because shes special, you get one and only one picture of me wearing it (and yes, thats possum on the bed, again).

not a very good picture, but you get the basic idea. project details are as follows:

pattern: mountain view cardigan by connie chang chinchio. overall, a well written pattern (though there are some minor details missing which literal thinkers like me kind of need), with very generous sizing. i made the 48″ version and my measurements were almost exactly as per the pattern measurements for each piece.

yarn: naturally atlante 100% bamboo. purchased from sew and tell in berry. i used nearly all of 15 balls. originally, i only bought 5 balls of this as it was going to be a clapotis or something like that, but then i saw jody making this pattern and had a light bulb moment. this yarn is hard to describe, its so soft and silky and has a beautiful sheen to it. the variegation is mild and subtle, and its made in italy, so it has a lovely tight twist to it, similar to zara. its perfect for our weather, and in this pattern, which is really a layering garment, so its soft right next to the skin which means i will get a lot more wear out of it and can wear it with tshirts throughout autumn and spring (i have a slight problem with wool right next to my skin). its not too heavy, but surprisingly warm, and has a lovely swing and drape to it.

sticks: knitpicks harmony and options interchangeable circulars 3.5mm. i got gauge straight away. tension square? what is that? i started on harmony needles because the bamboo was kind of slippery but for the sleeves i went back to the options esp for the lace. also the pattern says to use one size smaller needle for the hem and lace etc but im lazy and didnt! i dont think it matters. for the neck band, which is only 9 stitches back and forth, i used harmony DPNs size 3.25mm to avoid all that turning of the work etc.

modifications: none whatsoever, well not deliberate. i completely forgot to do button holes on the right front, so instead of ripping back i just did them on the left front. i think this means i am buttoning like a man. meh. i also didnt really measure where to put the buttonholes but just went with with what looked right (hence, they arent actually spaced evenly at all!), and i only did 5 because i dont want it to button all the way down.

what i learnt: bigger sizes are difficult, you cant just assume that the measurements given are yours, because a bigger bust measurement doesnt always mean everything else is in proportion! i am short, so i was careful and measured myself and knit to my own measurements, which were mostly the same as the pattern’s, but  i do think its too long and droops a bit at the front. that could be the weight of the yarn that just drags it down a bit in those corners. also, its a bit long in the arms and even tho i measured, i think the issue is that the shoulder measurements are too big, so the shoulder seam drops down a bit. i think the angle of the ‘raglan’ could have been sharper there and that would make it sit a bit better up on my shoulder.i am wondering if its possible to put a tuck in there somewhere to bring it up an inch or so.

i also learnt that patience is everything with seaming. i am not entirely happy with how the sleeve sits in the shoulder space, that is very tricky trying to do mattress stitch in that area. i did think of outsourcing the seaming, but i wanted to try and make this feel all mine if i could, so i spread the seaming out and just did what i could cope with. so it took me a bit longer but im glad i didnt rush, for the most part it has neat almost invisible seams. (not neat enough to be winning any awards tho!).

0verall i am really pleased with this. i think the style suits me and what i will be wearing in autumn and winter, it looks good with jeans and over a dress. i just need to get some white shirts to wear underneath to show off the beautiful lace panel in the back!

thanks connie for thinking of larger sizes in your stylish and elegant patterns. i hope we do you justice!

k xx

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19 responses to “finally, an FO

  • bellsknits

    So very wonderful! Beautiful! I’ve admired this from the moment you cast on and I’m so happy to see it done and to see that at last you have a cardigan you are happy with.

    if you don’t wear it to the gallery next week, you’re unfriended. Seriously.

  • missfee

    wwow – great job on the sewing up – I am at a standstill with my block but not as yet sewen up fan cardie so I know exactly what you mean

  • Rose Red

    Just so fabulous! You clever clever knitter! Gorgeous yarn, gorgeous pattern! Can’t wait to see it on you in real life. Wish I didn’t have 20 wips already because otherwise I’d be starting this immediately!

  • jp

    I love this pattern. I love the cardigan.
    I now want one in wool as the linen will not be warm enough for winter.

    I too think the sleeves are too long but am actually ok with the shoulders.

    Connie does great patterns.
    I think the info you include here about checking your measurements especially proportions is important.

    Can’t wait to see it in person.

  • shellauw


    It’s done, it looks gorgeous on you and it fits!!!!
    Beautiful work DrK – it looks like it’s just going to get softer with wear.

    I wish my linen would hurry up and get here now…

  • Kris

    It’s lovely! Can’t wait to see it on Saturday. 🙂

  • Ailsa

    Maybe there might be one more photo. I’d like to take some time to maybe take a few more? When I get back from port macquarie. Mind you it’s v nice up here …

  • Sarah

    That looks really great – and I bet the bamboo feels lovely. I vote for more pics of you in it please 🙂 Like the new digs too.

  • trent

    it looks good, hey is that a dog on the bed I spy?

  • Donna

    Loves it! The yarn and the pattern together wetre an inspired choice – excellent job!

  • Annie

    It is very nice, looks great. I like the way it drapes.

  • Anna

    Congratulations!! It’s really lovely. One of the things that has stopped me embarking on such a big project is the fear that after all that time knitting ( and it would be a looong time at the snail’s pace that I knit!), I’d get it all finished and it wouldn’t fit properly! So it must be really satisfying to produce such a versatile and pleasing garment!

  • donna lee

    What a beautiful sweater on you! I made a shawl in 100 percent bamboo and while I loved working with it and it came out pretty, I don’t know if i’d want an entire sweater. I like the drape of the cardigan on you. And maybe I need to rethink this. A bamboo cardigan could be good for summer a/c wear.

  • 2paw

    I am so glad you love your new cardigan after the previous cardigan debacles!!! You look fabulous and so does the cardi!!! The Labradors are always sitting on the bed, they like to be with you, dogs, son’t they?

  • 1funkyknitwit

    You did an amazing job on this cardi & I just love the colour choice.

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