taking shape

ok, so the last post wasnt really riveting reading. sorry about that. note to self: dont write blog posts while still delirious with exhaustion, dehydration and sunburn!

it has taken a few days to recover actually, and i was off work today with some weird kind of rash. so i took the chance to attack the seaming of the mountain view cardigan again.

its taking me so long because its so bloody hard. i want to do it justice, so i dont want to rush, but i am not known for my patience when it comes to finishing. so i am just doing little bits at a time. last week i grafted the two shoulders together (rather than the 3 needle cast off as per the pattern, because jody said grafting would look better. i think she was right!). today i sewed in the first arm, using mattress stitch. i had to get the book out to remind me how to do it,

and i am not that thrilled with the way the cast off edges form seams as opposed to the straight stocking stitch edges (which are much more invisible). and i could not avoid some puckering around the top of the shoulder (i did it from the back first though so it wont be so obvious). if anyone has any tips for sewing in shoulders i’d be glad to hear them! anyway, it is starting to take shape:

and yes, i am worried that its too big. but let us not think of that right now. tonight i return to featherweight and mindless stress free acres of stocking stitch.



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7 responses to “taking shape

  • bellsknits

    i hear you. It’s hard. All I’ve done with my cardigan is the shoulders. The last time I went for a marathon seaming effort I exhausted myself and swore I’d never do it again. That way lies danger.

    But enough about me.

    I hope it fits. I really do. You deserve a good cardigan ending and that cardigan is SO lovely.

  • Rose Red

    I have faith it won’t be too big!

    As for seaming…I mostly use backstitch to sew the sleeves to the body (armholes). I think that is not “the done thing” but I’ve found it works well for me. Then I seam the sleeve sleeve and side seam. Most patterns say to do the reverse (ie sleeve and side seams first, then armhole). Guess I’m a rebel!!

  • Donyale

    I am sure it will be wonderful ( don’t tell me you haven’t been tempted to try it on yet? You have far more restraint than I as I usually try things on all helter skelter as I finish each piece) and can’t wait to see it finished.

  • shellauw

    Grrr, let’s try that again… 🙂 Thurd time lucky.

    I wonder if there’s nobody you could bribe to seam your cardigan for you?

    And I really hope it fits. It looks amazing, and you’d look fabulous in it.

  • 2paw

    Your cardi looks fabulous. I know exactly what you mean about the armhole seam, you get that defined line. Bah humbug, but once it is made and you are wearing it it will fade into insignificance.

  • donna lee

    The new home looks good. And I love the cardigan. I really hope it’s not too big.

    I have a hard time when I’m at the end of a project not to rush it (like making socks too short because I am sure they look long enough and I just want to cast off already). The cardigan looks so nice. I like the lacy bits.

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