summer’s lease…

…appears to be running out:

while for shakespeare, this was lamentable, for those of us who are less than enamoured of the delights of summer, this is a good thing. it is raining today and thoughts turn to cardigans, and the imminent wearing of them. i am quite addicted to the malabrigo featherweight but i will put it down today to do some more seaming on the mountain view. i promise. in the meantime, lets just have a little look at said featherweight:

you may notice i have added some increases along the front edges where there were none in the pattern. this is at the advice of knitabulous who has recently made a featherweight, and suggested that if i wanted it to do something other than disappear into my arm pits, some increases might be a good idea. i have stopped now, because there is still a wide border to be knitted on, and that should pretty well bring it (at least partially) across the bust.

i didnt get much knitting time this last weekend as we were in canberra for the 2 day flyball competition at the canberra show. we have changed teams, and the team we have changed to are the organisers of this competition. it was a huge job, including needing new turf layed and a whole heap of physical stuff (thankfully my tasks were mostly secretarial!) but it was a 6am start both days and we didnt finish till after 7 last night, then the drive home with everything covered in dust and mud from canberra’s alternating hot westerlies one day to thunderstorms the next! i was meant to take photos, but was so busy and distracted on sunday i completely forgot. instead, here is a kind of representation art-shot: the symbols of flyball hanging on my clothes line. im sure this is very post-modern or something:

(the little red things are possums racing boots. we put them around her front ‘wrists’ when shes running on rough surfaces so she doesnt scrap her pads too much).

one of the distractions on sunday was spending some brief but quality time with bells and george, which always makes trips to canberra a treat. we did the obligatory ‘dinner at the club’ surrounded by hordes of children, including the increasingly adorable PJ and GracieK. it was lovely to see the beautiful knitted things both bells and george had entered in the show, and to have them both visit the show on sunday. possum got a new number one fan in the form of bells’ neice, who cheered her on loudly from the sidelines. our new team had a few racing hiccups and there were the usual flyball dramas (what IS it with some dog people?) but overall it was a fun and exhausting weekend. the star of the show is too tired for photos:

actually, so is everyone else:

(photo cropped to protect the guilty. two lectures in one day is hard work you know).

and finally, thanks so much to everyone who has followed me over here to wordpress, so many lovely comments! it made my day.

knitters are the best people.

k xx


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4 responses to “summer’s lease…

  • shellauw

    Hooray for the end of summer! I was thinking of you lovely ladies over the weekend, and of dinner at the club.

    Your featherweight is going to be gorgeous in that colourway, I can’t wait to see it all done. And I’m still waiting to see the Mountan View. I’m told there were people in Sydney wearing scarves today, so it must be cardi weather… bring on the cardis!

    And your blog is looking gorgeous. I feel inspired and may have to do something similiar when I get the time. 🙂

  • Rose Red

    Big weekend! Wish I could have gone to dinner at the club too!

    Poor ti-ti Possum, hope she recovers soon!

  • bellsknits

    i have photos of the flyball! I meant to tell you! Shall send you some!

    I am wishing I’d known about the increases for featherweight – will just have to wait and see!

    Twas wonderful to see you at the show too – love getting that feeing of coming ‘back stage’ to see it all happening!

  • 2paw

    Oh I wish the end of Summer was here too. We are having more hot days. I can only hold out hope for the Autumnal Equinox being the day for the end of the lease here!!
    LOVE the picture of the dogs on the bed, looks just like our house!! Poor tired babies.
    Hope the Flyball is a little less political and a little more fly!!

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