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where’s my head at…

work, apparently. i appear incapable of more than once a week posts again as things go from crazy to insane at work. the melbourne trip will be followed up by a visit to a perth university in a couple of weeks, and i have two journal articles to finish editing, one to write from scratch and two conferences to prepare for. the promotions project continues to take more than the two days a week im meant to be working on it, and my other research project is about to move into phase two, which means i have to do stuff. i had some odd media attention this week about that, except my research is on risky sex and they wanted to talk about planking.

not quite the same thing but anyway. so i feel like my head only has just enough space to remember all the things i need to tick off my to do list everyday, and the more i tick off, the more things go on there. im still recovering from a chest infection, plus im a bit blah emotionally anyway, and i end up wishing i could just crawl into a cave somewhere. a cave with a doona. a big white fluffy doona.

i left the house long enough yesterday to spend some time at least with nice knitter peeps, including lunch at diggies

i had trouble deciding what to have

i ended up with the croque madame (a very fancy ham and cheese toastie with an egg on top)

but i ending up wishing i’d had the pear:

then it was up to the novotel for our monthly local stitch n bitch.

i didnt feel much like talking yesterday, and there was a new person who really annoyed me and i figured it was just wise to be silent and knit the hat.

thats also where else my head is at, desperately trying to make a new hat by next weekend. the cashmere beret is lovely, but hardly suited to a weekend camping (yes camping) and chasing sheep around a paddock with my dog in the middle of nowhere, which is where i’ll be. the hat is this pattern made with the  filatura ‘sport wool’ i got in melbourne. its a good match for the stripe study shawl, and for the hem that gets turned under im using the left over madtosh sock in ‘tart’, just for the matchy thing, and also cos its softer on the skin than the sport wool.

i blocked the shawl too, and it did grow a bit, and became very soft and drapey, and i love it even more.

otherwise, im a bit over people at the moment. i get like that sometimes. a busy week at work and a weekend away with possum should sort things out i hope. so long as i dont die from camping in the cold.

k xx

red update

first, thanks everyone for the lovely comments on the last post. i nearly didnt post anything about mothers day, its not like its a new thing, or something i dont think about every year, but this one felt a little different. not enough to make me post the note though. well not yet at least. the urge seems to have passed (some might say sanity has prevailed).

unfortunately, though, i cant give you a finished object update on the stripe study shawl. its getting very close. im nearly through the second skein of tart, so its getting big. its already bigger than what the pattern suggests. i think i have one more red stripe section to do then im onto the black border. it may not be done in time for the trip to melbourne this coming week however, depends how much more knitting i can stand tonight!

but its cold in melbourne, and i couldnt go there without something warm and fuzzy, and red, to wear around my neck. you might remember last year i made this gorgeous ravelry red clapotis in malabrigo silky wool.

i loved it and wore it lots. but when i pulled out my woollens bag last week in preparation for the cooler weather, it was nowhere to be found. i dont remember losing it, but i dont remember packing it away either. a tragedy! the clapotis pattern is one of my favourite pieces of neckwear, and i was devestated. i did have this earlier one, that i made maybe 3 years ago:

it’s in fibreworks alpaca/wool blend, i think, in the ‘desert sunset’ colourway. once, i did pink. and purple too. not anymore. i wore this to work on thursday and it drove me crazy with its pinkness. then i had a brain wave. did i not know someone with a bit of a thing for dying yarn? so we got together on friday and did a few experiments with different colours and decided the ‘fire red’ would overdye the best. the first dying turned it a very bright hot pink. ailsa left me some dyes and i had another go later in the afternoon, and i really let it have some heat in the microwave until the water ran pretty clear, and then i hung it out to dry:

perfect. in the shadows it looks dark and mottled:

in the sunlight its the most dazzling jewel red:

i love it. what a great way to reclaim an old object and make it new again. i wore it up to sydney to knitters guild on saturday, everyone commented on it as if it was new, except kris who said ‘oh clapotee! really? isnt that so 2004′. funny ukelele playing hipster chick. guild was lovely, as usual. ive been meaning to take some pictures of this amazing venue for ages but forgot my camera again. the phone camera did manage to catch rosered and zena, with crown st behind them

and wittyknitter talking about…copyright maybe?

rosered ran a workshop on ‘pattern grading’ while we ate an amazing morning tea from missfee and jp,

then we hit the street for lunch and much laughter (sorry random passer by)

and then there were baby cuddles when mr rosered and connor joined us. can you believe that connor turned one last week? where did that year ago? i bought him some presents which he liked ripping open – some MoMA pram-hanging texture boards, a maisie book with moving parts (which i dont expect to last long)

and these cute finger puppets.

(no i didnt make them. some poor peasant in guatemala did, although apparently they’re made from acrylic, as yarn snob mummy pointed out! she didnt mean it in a bad way, but it was funny that she noticed). i got to have a cuddle too, wearing my clappy:

a fantastic day all round. it will be a perfect weekend if i can get this shawl finished.

k xx

this one time…again

yes its that time of year again. the wrap up from the annual CR&K Daisy Designs Knitting Retreat. Organised by my local yarn store, this is one of the highlights of my year, mostly because its not some big fancy posh thing, but a small gathering of people who already know each other, in very rustic but beautiful surrounds.

a few people who’ve been before couldnt make it this year, and we missed them, but some people who’ve been busy raising families came for the whole weekend, and the drop in numbers made for a smaller knitting circle, which meant everyone could join the conversation. there were no schisms or politics, everyone got along really well, and it had the feeling of good friends getting together for a really relaxing weekend of knitting, eating, drinking and laughing.

friday night we had dinner in front of the tv because of the royal wedding. as you may have guessed, i have no interest in things royal OR wedding, it irritates me that so much hype surrounds the marriage of two people who just happen to have been born into a particular bloodline, making them and their wedding no less special, romantic or beautiful than the thousands of others that happen around the world every day. but i did enjoy seeing her beautiful dress and the modern touch they tried to bring to a rather archaic tradition. we watched until the archbishop said ‘let us pray’ and about 5 of us said ‘lets not’ and we retired to the lodge to knit (and drink) for a few hours.

i was a bit under the weather, i woke up friday morning with a really bad head cold, that turned into the flu, and i thought for 5 seconds of not going to camp, and then sanity returned, i took a lot of drugs, and off i went. but i was pretty sick friday night and went to bed early. i was very grateful for my most excellent room mate kris, who also likes a nice civilised half hour of reading before lights out, and i think we both slept surprisingly well (as well as can be expected anyway). i was pretty ill on saturday morning too and groaned a bit before making a killer pot of coffee, taking more drugs, and beginning to feel a whole lot better.

it rained pretty heavily for most of saturday

but i dont think anyone complained too much. the scenery was still beautiful,

and we put the fire on and moved indoors. then suddenly, the lights went out! in fact, the entire camp lost power. but no one panicked. phone calls were made, generators, ladders, lights on strings, gas burners and camp torches acquired (thanks to trent and ailsa’s dad for helping us out there!) and knitcamp suddenly became, well, camp.

it was great fun though. it was hilarious watching people knit with lamps on their head or person

or, a la randomknits, casting on a new intarsia project with a torch under her chin. its never too dark to knit right? we did stop for a moment when kris brought the ukelele out and we sang our song that we’ve been practicing over the internet (amanda palmers ‘in my mind’). i had printed out some lyrics and we handed them around and people joined in for a second performance, and it was great, lots of knitters can also sing! even people who swore theyd never sing in public sang, and they sounded good! the only bad thing about the power going out was no hot shower sunday morning, and donna’s mai tai slushie bucket didnt freeze. i did see her with her head in it one time, contemplating just slurping it up with a straw,

but she resisted and stuck to the wine instead.

we had the usual trivia night on saturday night, and christine did a great job with her powerpoint presentation. the theme of the trivia was ‘all about knitting’, and it was quite interesting to find out what we did and didnt know about fibres, sheep, knitwear designers and where kerry has her holidays. there was much cheating of course, if you knew auslan you got a few freebies from rae, and if you’re like me and brazenly walk up to the white board and change your score from 37 to 39, you still lose by 2 points to the table with the two yarn store workers on it. hmph. then there was more knitting, drinking and eating of chocolate.

every year we also have a saturday night dress up theme, this year was ‘bollywood’ but we mostly decided it was too hard to put on sari’s in the dark. kris and i did put on some bling and make up (no decent photos sorry) and zena and charmaine managed to dress up like ‘nana mouskouri goes to the ashram’

(where’d you get those wigs Z?). i was asleep probably just after midnight, and in the morning there was evidence that Some People had partied on a little bit longer,

but really, everyone was pretty well behaved and not too wretched looking on sunday morning. sunday was glorious. the sun came out and we resumed our usual position of knitting along the wall.

it got warm enough at one point that cardigans were shed. there is nothing finer than hanging out with really great friends on a warmish sunday morning knitting and laughing and eating left over chocolate snowball-cookies for morning tea. i think some people had such a good time they didnt get much knitting done, or had to frog what they did do. i did some of the stripe study shawl, some of the greenfield cardigan, and got to the toe on the first conwy sock, which i finished off last night at home. so happy with this, and it fits trent perfectly.

overall, a great weekend. one of my best camp experiences ever. the camp organisers did such a great job of still managing to feed us with no electricity, and if it wasnt for wanting hot showers, i think we would have hung around a bit longer. but by 2pm were were all on our way home, with more memories, closer friendships, and yet more jokes about this one time, at knitcamp….


on the fourth day…

i went to the Show.

the flyball competitions were all over,

my ex team had already beaten all comers to win Division 2 making them the National Champions, and while i was a bit sad to not be there, i was really happy for them because it makes up for the nightmare that was the nationals in melbourne last year. i was also really happy for trent, because jem got to run in that team, and there have been people in flyball with an agenda against trent and jem, and he hung in there despite it all, and the 9 year old wombat ran great the whole time and finally got to win some silverware again. seriously, living well really is the best revenge (although i do still have fantasies involving screaming and lots of blood).

on easter monday, possum wouldnt get out of bed so we left her at home and just took the boys up to do the demonstrations throughout the day. jem ran again for the 4th day in a row (did i mention hes 9  years old?)

and ricco got to have a go and finally did his first full run!

not bad for a dog who doesnt get any regular training! that was really the highlight of the day, that and meeting up with some of my favourite knitting peeps to indulge in  some baked goods:

food on sticks:

and the critical evaluation of the knitting displays:

i have had a bit to say about this on ravelry and i feel too dispirited to bother saying much more. i will let the pictures do most of the talking. this particular cabinet contained the 8ply or over garments.

that THING in white took second prize. you tell me if that’s finishing of a high quality? the gorgeously perfect hipster cardigan that kris made earned nothing more than a staple in the arm. when you turned around from this cabinet you saw this:

yes thats my 150cm across CIRCULAR shawl with the sunflower pattern in the middle. the very same sunflower pattern that had been the central feature of the shawl, was now all bunched up, wound about with fishing wire and used as a hanging point.

one point was NAILED to the wall, while the other has had fishing wire threaded through the actual lacework and tied in a very tight knot that will need scissors to undo.

i pretty well nearly cried. not because i didnt win anything, that was a given for me, it had mistakes in it that any good judge would see. but i wanted it in there because it was big, circular and coloured, with a modern looking design. there was room in this cabinet for it be hung fully extended. there was not a single other circular shawl entered. there were hardly any other coloured shawls. it was a sea of cream and nupps. if i’d known the secret criteria for winning was to knit something from ‘estonian lace today’ i would have entered my ‘lily of the valley’ scarf. oh wait. it was red.

apart from the introduction of a long overdue accessories category (with some really excellent pieces by clever people i know),

the whole thing was just a big disappointment. luckily kris and i had some fun taking photos and tweeting about kids singing and dancing badly to beiber on the food court stage (glee has a LOT to answer for)

and ogling Fonzy, the tallest steer in australia.

‘oh my god that is a really big cow’  was possibly the funniest thing i heard all day.

so my emotional attachment to the show takes another beating, which is probably a good thing. i wont be entering knitting again, and i didnt miss the bad parts of the flyball. (the early mornings for one thing, the continued stupidity and immaturity of some of the competitors for another). so thats a plus.

time moves on, heals most wounds, opens new doors.

and brings us to within 2 sleeps of knitcamp2011. Bring. It. On.


knitter about town

for a shy retiring type, i sure have been getting out a lot lately. its nice to be busy, but it can cut into precious knitting time. i’ve decided that i really need to make more of an effort to knit wherever i go. so what if i get funny looks or weird comments? (and i do. i especially love when people look at you and smile and make that weird hand motion, as though they are knitting too. i usually smile back and nod and say ‘yes….knitting’ very slowly).

it helps that a lot of my social engagements this week have been with knitters. it started a week ago with the monthly local ‘stitch and bitch’ with lunch first at diggies:

lunch mates this week were ailsa, zena, becky and our new friend catherine, who is canadian and working at the uni (yay for a knitter working at the uni!):

we missed randomknits this week, apparently a daughter turning 18 is more important! regardless, i worked on the evening stockings in the spud and chloe. drool:

then it was up to the novotel to join the rest of the gang:

and knitting of the stripe study shawl:

i hope they vacuum that floor regularly. later in the week i managed to catch up with catherine again on campus:

and wicked parity packages were planned (since acquired. more about that later). that day i was working on the greenfield cardigan. that night at home i tried to cast on the conwy socks in wollmeise, and i followed the instructions to the letter but i just knew it wasnt right. i have never done cables before, not ever (i know, what sort of knitter am i?) and i am more of a visual learner, and they just werent right, so i ripped them out. i started them again friday morning and took them to work that day, where i worked on the cuff at the friday afternoon work party (no occassion apart from free wine and an early mark).

its interesting to see the questions i get about knitting at work. socks? really, youre making socks? yes people, knitted socks. theyre not that weird. sheesh.

that night i had a dinner date. rosered happened to be in town so i took the opportunity to make a booking at one of my favourite places, michaels trattoria. even at a slightly fancy place, the knitting came out, mostly because i needed help with the whole cable thing, and rosered’s been trying to get me to do them for ages. we started with studying the pattern:

moved on to scallops:

then a demonstration of an alternative cabling method that was like a light bulb moment, followed by quail with pickled cherries:

veal for main was followed by my favourite thing in the whole world, proper tiramisu in a bowl, with the coffee and amaretto making a slurpy pool at the bottom:

yum. a most excellent dinner. pretty good company too. and the result (apart from a rather full belly)?

cabled socks. well, the start of them anyway. as well as a crazy week at work, cleaning the house for a property inspection, a car in the smash repairers, songs to learn for choir and knitting camp, its just been a pretty average week around here!


k xx

on butterfly wings

i may have mentioned before that i am most naturally an introvert. lots of people lots of the time makes me kind of nervous. but this week gone i have been like a social butterfly extraordinaire! it started with dinner and a movie (black swan) with knitabulous on tuesday night (i loved that movie, loved every second of it, even if it was completely melodramatic and OTT). this was followed by afternoon tea on wednesday (australia day) at rosereds house, and was great to catch up with my old morris and sons SnB mates that i really dont see often enough. we ate lots of sweet things, including a pavlova decorated like sydney harbour (sort of) and fairy bread and of course portuguese tarts, given that we are not all descended from Empire:

that same day, i went back to webgoddesses place, and herself, the snook and i caught a bus down broadway to circular quay, where we met up with kunaal and his spare ticket to the opera house to see amandafuckingpalmer.

it was just so awesome, a fantastic, sprawling, chaotic, musical-drama-comedy-poetry reading thing, topped off with the amazing mr gaiman reading some new stories for us, including an ode to australian  history called Megafauna. a really great night, exhausting and a bit spine tingly. i drove through an empty city at midnight and sped down the freeway to get me home in under an hour but it was still 2am before i slept.

then i had a day or two off, and did some cleaning in preparation for my house guests, my friends georgie and bertie and james and grace and their dog ally from canberra, who came to spend the weekend with me, and trent, and our three dogs, so it was kind of crowded and kind of chaotic but really a lot of fun. saturday afternoon we met knitabulous and randomknits and zena and kate for lunch at diggies (yeah, a bit over the crap service and over pricing, shame cos its in such a great spot), then up to the novotel for wollongong stitch and bitch, where i met a new person called catherine who works in the same building as me! (we already have a coffee date! me and new people, unheard of!) george and i met bertie and the kids after their day on the beach and we went home for bbq and pavlova for desert. it was my very first pavlova. i was inspired by rosereds on wednesday, and enabled by a very thoughtful gift to the house from trent, a new mixmaster!

i had looked at some of those big $700 kitchenaids at christmas but couldnt make up my mind, and then trent saw a breville one advertised for less than $200 so we went in to look at that, but we were seduced by this groovy little number. it was marked at $140 but we haggled and it was the last one, and we got it down to $90!! nice! it comes apart too so it can be a hand mixer or a stand mixer:

it did a very nice job on my egg whites, turning them from this

to this

and then to this:

i was surprised how easy a pav is to make, really,

but there a few things that go into getting it right, like making it stiff enough to sit where you put it on the tray and not collapsing, and not cooking it for so long that all you have is yummy crunchy shell and not much meringue. james and i decorated saturday nights one into a smiley face, and i made another one on sunday that was almost perfect

a few more tweaks and i will have it just right.

the recipe is from the stephanie alexander bible (cooks companion), by the way. and now i am home alone (well with three dogs) again, albeit with a fridge that looks like an art gallery, thanks to james and grace, including a map from their place to mine:

and because its hot im going to hibernate for the rest of the week and quite possibly finish the edging on a particular shawl. its been lovely to have such a busy social week, but some quiet time sounds good too!

until next weekend….

k xx

taking time…

…to smell the, well, not the roses, because they’ve already dropped off. but the agapanthus perhaps?

not really my favourite flower, being an obnoxious weed and all, but they look lovely today. i took the day off just to try and chill out a bit and not get sucked into the frantic whirlpool that is a university at the end of the year. i woke up feeling a bit fragile, but better. a nasty vampire pathologist put a bruise on my arm taking blood, then i had cereal and coffee and mango and yoghurt for breakfast to compensate.  a parcel arrived, to be gifted, but i contemplated knitting something from it for myself anyway:

that red ball of smooshy is preuvian ‘packy from missfee. i have found its perfect match, n’est pas? i have also started a hat, finally, for ma soeur, who turns 40 today.

happy birthday kid xx. then i played with ricco for a while,

and ate some chockies that some other lovely people gave me on the weekend

and im pretty sure that my blood test results are going to show serious chocolate deficiency, because my mood improved considerably after two mozart kugeln.

and i finished one of the papers for the washington conference. they are due by friday, one more to do when i go back to work tomorrow. oh, and did i mention i got a quilt?!

i cant tell you how much all the lovely comments yesterday helped. such wonderful people, thank you so much.

k xx

truly gifted

a week is a long time when youre 42. it brings all sorts of good and bad. lets start briefly with the bad. apparently im getting older. this is the sage advice from my GP who i saw last week because i have had this strange red rash on my face and neck. apparently its stress induced, and a sign of hormone fluctuations. i hate not knowing im stressed until after the event, but now i know i can see how anxious i have been about so many things, thinking too much, worrying too much. even though im feeling better (thanks to a $50 tube of cream for my face), i still woke up at 2am this morning with images of spreadsheets and 3 hour scholarship ranking meetings burned into my brain. only 4 weeks now until i am on leave for a month, and it cant come quick enough. i just need to do nothing, think nothing, for a while!

the good part of a birthday week though is being reminded how lucky i am. the early presents of the handbag and camera were followed up by continued generosity from shelley in the form of silky wool in the most divine teal colour:

then the weekend, which started with my first mango of the season. oh mango:

and then two lunches with some of my favourite people at my favourite place.

donna gave me a wonderful new DPN roll, which means no more plastic sleeve, yay!

and whats this, a skein of wollmeise sock in vamp! hello! is this the perfect red? i think it might be close!

also from donna i bought for myself two new bags, a wonderful new little sock box, i just couldnt resist the green theme:

and one of her awesome round bottom project bags (i bought a DPN roll and needle case for someone else’s birthday but had to keep something for myself), which magically fits a whole skein of wollmeise lace!

on sunday, i had lunch with the rosered family, which may have included more mango:

(and some yummy sticky meringue and fresh cream. mmmmmpavlova…..). followed by lemon syrup cake (made by me!) for afternoon tea!

the lovely rosered bought me this wonderful book:

i think this will be my favourite section!

then on monday i worked from home, really i did,

it was pouring rain and cold and we watched a bit of teev (possum loves the Captain):

then i may have slipped and cast on something with the vamp (rick socks by cookie a):

the festivities were rounded out this morning by the arrival of a package from bells, full of handmade goodness:

so many wonderful things, so many wonderful friends. i do feel really blessed to have got this far in my life, and to have so much love and support around me.

thanks everyone!


the sad story of the missing wollmeise

once upon a time, an unassuming aussie girl married a german prince. they settled happily in australia, but every couple of years she travelled back to germany to visit with the prince’s family in their quaint little village. everytime she returned, the girl bought with her strange bundles of balls of wool, mostly from a company called regia, and because of this she soon became known lovingly as the german fibre whore.

on a recent trip, our heroine decided to stray further afield from the green pastures of regia sock yarn, and travelled to a little village in lower germany called pfaffenhoffen to visit the legendary queen claudia in her castle of iron and wool. our heroine had a list of things to buy from the german fibre queen, including 6 skeins of various colours for her friend drk. there was much to and froing, much angst about colour choices, and finally the following items were acquired on my behalf:

2 skeins of lace, merlot and maus ault

and 4 skeins of sock and merino. our heroine, under instruction from me, posted these items, partly so theyd get here quick, and partly because i didnt want to weigh down her own baggage. the sad story is, they are yet to arrive. its been well over 6 weeks since they were posted. this little postcard was mailed on the same day (10 Sept) and from the same place,

and it sits on my mantlepiece, mocking me. a monty-pythonesque conversation with australia post (me: ‘a friend posted me a parcel and it hasnt arrived’. them: ‘we cant track stuff but if you give us the article number we can track it’. me: ’1)make up your mind and 2)how can i give you the article number of something that i didnt post???’) ended with the assumption that given freight constraints on aircraft these days, its likely to have gone seamail. hello? 21st century anyone?

anyway, its not here, and i was sad. until yesterday that is. not because it arrived, because it hasnt, but because my dear beloved germanfibrewhore friend sent me a package:

it contained one of her own skeins of merlot lace that she bought at the same time (plus some yummy german choccies).

she knew i was pining, and was itching to start something lacy and wollmeisy, so she has forfeited her own on my behalf (i will give her my merlot when it finally arrives). thank you george, youre the best! the colours in this merlot are amazing, though for the life of me i cant get it to photograph properly.

but you who have seen it know of what i speak. and even though i havent finished the lily on the valley scarf (i have only the 16 row border to do now) i couldnt help but spend a good hour winding it up into a ball last night:

very careful and very slow i was, but i neednt have worried, not a single knot, not a single tangle. (let me just say that again. 1700 yards of lace weight and no knots. 50g of jo sharp DK, two knots. screw you jo sharp). it made the hugest yarn cake:

in the most mouth watering colour.

its going to be a girasole. i shall cast on tonight. but lest you think i am a fickle fibrewhore as well, im still thinking of those six skeins, out there somewhere, maybe sitting on a tarmac, or lost in a warehouse, or bobbing up and down on the vast pacific ocean.

my poor lost little wollmeise.

k xx

once a month, on a friday

i have developed a little routine. it involves using my flexi-day from work and getting on a train

finding the right seat,

knitting and listening to music (the temper trap‘s ‘conditions’ being my new favourite album)

for the nearly two hour trip north along the coast and the spectacular view across the pacific:

through the royal national park,

into sydneys southern suburbs

and towards the city.

from there, i head even further north to stay over at rosered’s place, where i play with the bay-bee

and do some cooking. this week i made char sui pork for dinner, while rosered did a heap of baking for morning tea at knitters guild on saturday.

i am very much enjoying the new guild venue over at surry hills library

its a beautiful big light and airy room,

and this week it was full of the usual great people showing off their latest amazing array of handknits (and strangely, some crochet!). i forgot to get pix of that sorry. then its out to crown street,

in search of sustenance with wonderful knitty friends

(organic eggs and ham at bird cow fish. yummo). this little trip may also have resulted in some accidental stash acquistion:

madeline tosh merino light in a gorgeous deep dark green called moorland. my phone camera does this colour no justice at all because im not usually into green but everyone agreed this one would suit me, and i couldnt really resist. i have 1200m here and im thinking of some kind of layering, swingy tee or tank.  my current thoughts are tending towards resizing sage remedy for 4ply, or something like elvira. thoughts or suggestions anyone?

then its home again via central underground (track work on the country lines again)

to crash in front of three football games last night, two rugby league finals and the rugby union test. i do so love september! speaking of which, spring really has arrived, with the wisteria bursting into flower suddenly

and the magnolia in all its glory.

i just want to finish on some amateur philosophising. the thing i like most about travelling up to guild meetings once a month is the people. ive talked before about the joys of knitters as friends, and of course, there are plenty of people who knit that i am not friends with, and that i dont need to befriend either. but this last couple of weeks, i have been reminded yet again of the power of the People Like Us. we are not perfect, and we have disagreements, and irritate each other. sometimes we even hurt each other, as humans are want to do, but i have been reminded yet again of how much these kinds of friendships are worth fighting for. how lucky we are to have each other.

k xx

(note: sorry about dodgy picture qualities, both digital cameras have no batteries at the moment, so these are all phone camera pix!)


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